Update to Windows 11

Update to Windows 11?

All new windows 11 is out now with new features, visuals and security upgrades. Windows 11 is rolling out update with windows insider program. Now you can install it and check it on your PC but it is not official retail copy of windows so be aware of bugs. If you want to update it you can go to settings of your computer and in update windows click on windows insider program. After that when you check for updates you'll find an update called Windows 10, Version 21H2. After installation you'll have fresh copy of windows 11 running on your PC. This is method to upgrade to windows 11. It is only available in 64 bit operating system, both Home and Pro versions.

What's New:

In this version of windows  you'll get
  • New Icons
  • Beautiful theme
  • Visuals and Menu Bar
Also security of windows is improved. They moved start menu to center and round the edges of dialog window box. It also seems like MAC os. They also change the top bar of explorer. Windows 11 desktop

Tablet Mode:

They also introduced the tablet mood which looks like very beautiful and smooth visuals as well. windows 11 tablet mode In windows 11 they introduced new way of multi tasking which is very cool feature. Because the coming technology is all touch and 2 in 1 and detachable laptops. So keeping that in mind they come with this windows 11.

Android Apps on Windows 11:

Now you can download and install Android Apps on your Windows 11 and enjoy Android experience as well. You can have Android apps from Amazon Store which include in windows 11.

Who can Upgrade:

Everyone who is using windows 10 can upgrade to windows 11 for free of cost. Microsoft also put some restriction on upgradation of windows THAT YOU MUST HAVING USING INTEL I3, I5, I7, I9 8TH GENERATION PROCESSOR OR ABOVE OR IN AMD PROCESSOR RYZON 3, 5, 7 3RD GENERATION OR ABOVE.


Windows 10 is providing extremely fast data transfer speed in boot up, multi-tasking, gaming, productivity and data transfer. I hope we'll see more speed on windows 11. if not? than try M.2 SSD NVMe in your system to boost up speed of your system.

Which windows version is best?

If you are using windows 10 my recommendation is be patience and update to windows 11 when it officially released, because you can face some bugs due to the insider version of windows. I can't anything about it only time can tell that windows 11 is a worthy upgrade or not?



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