What is Forex Trading?


Forex trading is the short form of foreign exchange market. In this market millions of people from around the world exchange their currencies. Just like if you want to visit to another country and you have to exchange your currency into the other in order to buy product and services in other country. 

If you have a lot of euros but you if you are visiting Asian country than it is useless. You have to exchange your euros according to the country which you are currently in because they only accept their local money. Money would be exchanged at current market exchange price. Just like that countries also exchange their money in order to buy foreign goods or services from another country.
Third case is that if you are living in USA and want to buy some product from Italy or Germany you'll pay your amount in US dollars but the receiver will receive in Euros. In this transaction at some point US Dollars transfer into Euros.

Forex Exchange:

Now there is a system developed Over-The-Counter (OTC) in which all transaction is take place electronically via computer network between traders all over the world. Due to this system there is no centralized exchange now.
Forex Market is open 5 days a week for 24 hours and there is around 2 billion dollars value of stock trade in just one day. Because forex market is dealing in currency and stock which can be liquidate easily. So this is the most liquid financial trading market in the world. Forex chart is use to see the values of any item in trading application. Now different companies/ brokers are providing you forex free signals to enhance your earning.

(Forex) Why or why not?

Do you ever think why people invest in Forex Market? If you ask any five peoples in your surroundings you'll get five different answers. The first answer you'll get is money. If you can earn money from there (if money can't buy everything) but still you can make your life easier.
You'll found some people around you who are using Forex Trading like gambling. Especially when they win or get something from Forex Trading, it's increase their level of satisfaction. Some people just want to do it because they want to earn something from it or they have set a goal and want to reach there. Forex Trading is just, (make right choices at the right time).
I think people trade in forex exchange because they want to earn money, they want to enjoy or only for self-satisfaction or all of three reasons.


Ghias Nasir