Which storage device is better HDD or SSD?
Which storage device is best for PC and Laptop? If you are thinking about to upgrade your storage device with better speed so, its very good decision that you buy and install SSD in your system as primary storage drive to enhance your PC or Laptop speed. Hard Disk Drive is old and slow technology according to current situation and especially when SSD prices decreased it is a good option to upgrade your system to SSD. The SSD drive consist of flash memory chips with millions of NAND cells . it's read and write speed is better than hard disk drive. Hard Disk drive is consist of a disk which rotate at 7200rpm and gives you very less read and write speed.

Types of storage devices:

  1. Mechanical Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
  2. Sold State Drive (SSD)
  3. M.2 Sold State Drive: Next Generation Form Factor (M.2 SSD)
  4. M.2 Sold State Drive Non-Volatile Memory Express (M.2 SSD NVMe)



This is the old device used to store data and this device use mechanical parts in it. It’s read and write speed is not too fast. If you want to buy best Hard disk click on this link: https://amzn.to/3yrko1H


  SSD use static parts just like mobile phone memory card. It's read and  writes speed is very fast compared to HDD. If you want to buy best SSD click on this link: https://amzn.to/3wjn7Jc

M.2 SSD:

M.2 SSD is the mini and fast version of SSD which directly mount on computer motherboard due to no cable attachment it's speed is comparatively fast then other two drives. If you want to buy best M.2 SSD click on this link: https://amzn.to/3qMsizW

M.2 SSD (NVMe):

M.2 SSD NVMe is the most advance version of M.2 SSD and it's speed is far better than simple M.2 SSD. Basically M.2 is only a connecter but NVMe is the technology which used in this device to give better performance and speed. If you want to buy best M.2 NVMe SSD click on this link: https://amzn.to/36fKN6y

Speed Comparison:

Storage Drive
Read Speed
80-160 MB/s
200-550 MB/s
3500 MB/s
7000 MB/s
Write Speed
80-160 MB/s
200-550 MB/s
2700 MB/s
5000 MB/s
It is clear from this table that M.2 SSD NVMe is the fastest storage device for PC or laptop today and if you want to do gaming or graphic designing or video editing. It gives you best performance.

Benefits to upgrade:

  • SSD consume less electricity
  • SSD is easy to maintain
  • Boost your system performance
  • Enhanced system boot speed
  • Improve gaming performance
  • Fast video editing performance
  • Very Fast data transfer speed
SSD Working:
There are different pages of SSD and a file is stored on these pages. All these pages called memory blocks. When we delete a file our operating system only delete it's directory but not the original data so, when we copy new data on it so SSD must erased the block and than rewrite it. That's why TRIM command is created to solve this issue so, when we delete a file TRIM command completely delete the file and erased the block so, it's performs as new hence enhanced the speed and helps in holding the speed and performance of the device.

Conclusion/ Recommendation: (Which Storage Device is Better)

  If you can afford and use SSD as your primary drive even if you are using old machine still you can upgrade to SSD. If you are planning to buy a new system than try to buy a system which already has SSD preinstalled in it or otherwise combination of HDD and SSD. It's better to to use M.2 NVMe for best performance. M.2 SSD NVMe is the best storage for gaming pc and productivity. Because it's reduced the loading intervals of games and boost FPS.


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